18k Nugget Ring & Jade

NZD $2,524.00 - inc GST (Within NZ)
NZD $2194.78 - exc GST (Overseas)

  • Ring 18kt (750)
  • Natural gold nuggets 94%-98% pure (23kt)
  • Jade cabochon
  • 12.5mm wide across, tapering to a 2mm band
  • Please let us know your ring finger size

SKU: Zn98


This exquisite ring will get lots of attention when you are wearing it. The ring is made from 18kt gold with NATURAL GOLD NUGGETS straight out of the ground, just as if you had mined them yourself.  In the middle is a cabochon of genuine Westland JADE. WESTLAND’S gold is one of the worlds purest being approximately 94% – 98% pure in its NATURAL FORM. Natural gold nuggets being rare and finding no two shapes the same, are UNIQUE and HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. Purchase this distinctive ring today.