Natural Gold Nugget Bracelet

NZD $3,824.00 - inc GST (Within NZ)
NZD $3325.22 - exc GST (Overseas)

  • Natural gold nuggets 94%-98% pure (23kt)
  • End caps and rings 14kt (585)
  • Clasp 14kt (585)
  • 20cm Total length


FEEL STUNNING WEARING THIS MAGNIFICENT NATURAL GOLD NUGGET BRACELET. There are 3 natural, alluvial, New Zealand gold nuggets which are approximately 94%-98% pure (23kt). In-between each nugget is a solid, long cylinder of genuine NZ JADE with 14kt capped ends. There are 4 jade sections in total. For secure wearing there is a 14kt gold parrot clasp and all connecting rings are also solid 14kt gold. Please let us know if you need the bracelet length altered, as it is no problem to shorten or lengthen it.