Amethyst & Nugget Pendant

NZD $546.00 - inc GST (Within NZ)
NZD $474.78 - exc GST (Overseas)

  • Pendant 18kt (750)
  • Natural gold nugget 94%-98% pure (23kt)
  • 1x Amethyst
  • Height 20mm

SKU: V32


This delightful pendant is in 18kt gold, & AMETHYST set with a NATURAL GOLD NUGGET straight out of the ground, just as if you had mined it yourself. WESTLAND’S gold is one of the worlds purest being approximately 94% – 98% pure in its NATURAL FORM. Natural gold nuggets being rare and finding no two shapes the same, are UNIQUE and HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. Purchase this delightful pendant today.